Tantra massage by Valerie - Stockholm


OPENING PRICE !!!! 1 h = 1200 SEK

OPENING PRICE !!!! 1,5 h = 1600 SEK

OPENING PRICE !!!! 2 h = 1900 SEK

Price for VIP customers: from 3th massage you have SALE 100 SEK from standart price. ;)

I'm 25 years old, my path to tantra massage begun when I was practicing sports massages and I've realized that those are too repetitive for me. I've recognised that my goal is to work more with every client, with their energy, the body. After my first experiences with tantra, I've understood that this is going to become my mission, it fullfils me and my contentment comes from the clients satisfaction. That's why I put all my energy to massages.

I do massages for women and men, I'm eager to work with anybody who let me take the body and soul to explore the secrets of tantra and discover new and intense feelings. Tantra, from my perspective is one of the most important elements, in order to get to know ourselves and very important step on the way to increase the awarness about our sexual energy. Tantra massage experience deepens the quality of sexual life and also our perception of present moments and this has positive effect to all aspects of our life.

Tantra massage is focused on distribution of energy to the whole body, the roots are in eastern religions, works with the sexual energy and is focused on all body parts (genitals and intimate zones included).


178 CM
60 KG

Stockholm - 10574


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